Spiritual feedback, if only we could interview the dead!

There is a website called SeeMeRot – I am not going to give you the link because I have a dread that it’s a dangerous website and a worm might attack your computer. A worm would be suitable because this website is all about putting a webcam in a coffin to see the person rot. This, even to me, is obscene. But if anyone did it to me then I would love to pre-record a legacy lecture, supposedly from heaven, saying how in celestial focus groups I had, at last, met a huge number of legacy pledgers who had not fulfilled their pledge and giving me their reasons.

If only we could interview the dead, because any “pledger evaluation” is without doubt inaccurate. And as I continue to meet more donors who are changing their minds about legacies without telling the charities of their changes I wonder how we can truly convince “leaders” to invest in legacy fundraising without firm evidence of a decent ROI.


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