unknown unknowns

So is there anyone out there who feels that they have instant solutions as to how to measure effectively, truthfully and meaningfully ANY form of legacy marketing. As I get older (I nearly said wiser but stopped) or more cynical (I think I mean pragmatic) I begin to realise ALL measurement is totally misleading. It matters not whether it is response rates (nearly typed response rats which seems apt!) because you cannot measure negative outcomes or indeed the numbers who change their minds without telling the charity. And as for men – well they tell us they have put legacies in their Will but they do not tell us they are only on condition the whole family is wiped out – which is SO frequent..
There is little point in measuring the past becuase it cannot forecast the future (either in terms of values or numbers) and values are different for each sector, each region/nation and each cause.
it is about time charity leaders were enlightened to hte fact that that with legacies: WE DO NOT KNOW THE ANSWERS (I had to put this in capitals but I HAVE because I want to scream it from the rooftops).
richard (frustrated, optimistic and passionate and full of brackets)


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