give donors a break

My blog on Tony Elischer’s article seems to have ignited passions around the world with some expressing real outrage, through Twitter,  at the thought of giving donors a break from an ask and focusing more on a thank you. This fascinates me. I am not someone who thinks we should NOT ask, but in this recession my heart of hearts drives me to think think that donors deserve a break and a thank you is likely to result in a self motivated upgrade. I witness this when I meet donors who are becoming more “thinking donors”. Well, that is the case with the BEST donors who are the most likely to become legators. So, is it against the very nature of a target driven fundraiser to STOP asking and to start thanking for an agreed period (and before you say it I am not saying for 12 months – just for a respectful 3-6 months). Is anyone out there willing to test this? I dare you……


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