beds fridges and stewardship

I had a fascinating conversation in bed with my wife last night (please do not be afraid, keep reading). Zoe said “If I bought a bed from John Lewis I would not want to be contacted by the white goods department”. This strange start to a conversation was leading to donor stewardship. How many legacy prospects want to be cultivated and then stewarded by a legacy fundraiser when they have given to an international development agency appeal for the Phillipines signed by the field worker?

The timing of this conversation on a cold night in bed (ie fridge in a bed) was a light bulb moment because I had just heard of a £2m legacy from a donor who, by accident had been in touch with a field worker (he answered the phone!) who then carried on communicating with the prospect without any idea of the massive legacy.

So could charities realistically promote the idea of stewardship being part of a non-fundraiser’s job description? Dream on! But those who fulfil this dream will win!

Now there is an ambition for 2014


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