legacies passion and the BBC

The BBC have just published the top 20 over-used words of 2013 and somewhat amazingly they are almost all related to legacy giving.

So (word number 6) the top 20 over used words in 2013 include legacy (number 17) for the first time.  Passion was high (number 3) after twerking and selfie.

So here are my definitions for the top 20 (excluding hashtag  geek and hipster); though the thought of a legacy Geek being a Leek is quite appealing).

Twerk is the question from a Yorkshire board member about investing in legacy fundraising legacy: (“Will it work?”). Perhaps he is called Willy Twerk.

My favourite is Amazeballs (number 10) – an expression of approval. This would be a great new word for a pledger

Number 11 was “doing” – good for an legacy intender

Number 16 – Yeah No – would be great for a pledger who does not fulfil their pledge

Anyway (number 15) is the start of a conversation with trustees who are not convinced about investing in legacies and you disregard their doubts and carry on.

Absolutely (number 12) is the correct answer to the Board’s question: should we invest in legacy fundraising?

Responsible (number 14) is the board who say “yes” because they are robust (number 5) in their decision making to fulfil a legacy project (number 8) which requires effort and commitment

Selfie (number 2) is a legacy prospect who wants recognition.

Delivery (number 7) is the word for a great fundraiser

Fail (number 13) the wish of a board member when looking at a really useless fundraiser.

But it would be great to get rid of legacy from the top 20 to find another word/phrase apart from a gift in a Will (which is just so boring). All suggestions will be gratefully received. Actually (why did this word  NOT appear?) I would also like to find new a word for Passion which is becoming really boring.


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