Donor experience OMG how charities still get it so wrong

OK so I am angry because I got a letter from a charity today. But then I realise why donors are so angry if they get a letter like the on  I got today – probably encouraged by the concept  of Relationship Fundraising.

Let me tell you my story – it is a very simple one

Three years ago I registered as a mystery shopper as a legacy intender with some BIG CHARITIES. Today I got the most awful response from one such charity.

I opened the DM pack (god it is truly embarrassingly AWFUL and so full of agency crap it makes me weep). Five inserts and one BRE.

One is addressed to me, two are addressed to Sarah and “The letter” talks about Alan and John – who I have yet to read about. I am deeply confused.

The compliment slip and letter says “thank you for your support” when I have never given any – I am a legacy enquirer because I want to find a solution to a family health problem . I clearly told the charity I wanted information so I could actually do it (which I still have not had after three years).

The letter goes onto say “I’d like you to ask you about what a gift in a Will could achieve” . Well excuse me for asking, but I hope I know already and that is why I contacted you in the first place.

The response mechanism says “A gift in your will., Something to think about.” I have been thinking about this for three years and the charity have yet to tell me how to do it. WHAT ARE YOU DOING CHARITY? I have lost all confidence.

And now we have a Commission on Donor Experience which isled by a load of fundraisers.

In desperation




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