2019 the challenge and potential

This is the most exciting time to grow legacy income we have witnessed for generations. with at least 1 in 3 baby boomers wanting to leave a legacy to their favourite causes.

But this new generation of legacy donors are so different to past generations.

So the top tips for 2019

1 – Do not define the future by looking at the past, The past does NOT define the future. You will miss out on your best prospects if you use a standard propensity model

2 Remember that past legators were usually females and without family. This is just not the case any longer and the gender changes are affecting the call to action in campaigns, the channels they use and the information they need to make a legacy decision

3 Get to know your enemies. As legacies grow, the barriers to a great campaign can also grow – whether internally (trustees, volunteers and staff)   or externally (media, lawyers, family members). Break down these barriers to protect and enhance your brand and reputation

4 Do not be patronising with solicitors: they know what to do to enable their clients to make a legacy. Do not send them the wording for a Will or a legacy brochure or a codicil form – these drive them mad. Can you imagine a solicitor telling you how to fundraise?

5 Create a simple call to action. Wills and legacies are considered complicated and difficult to decide upon. This is totally untrue – Wills and legacies are easy to do.

I hope you have a hugely successful and happy 2019





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