Best Practice

Don’t Write thank you letters

Yes. I am serious. 99% of thank you letters are boring. A thank you letter does not give the final outcome of the appeal you communicated. A prompt thank you for a donation is meaningless. And often unwanted. A later letter – an impact letter – with full outcomes from the appeal – is far [...]

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Respect the intelligence of your prospects

What really annoys me at the moment is: special Will making offers. In my view most of them are deeply patronising and assume I am too stupid to have one (as a tail end baby boomer). What Is more, these “special offers”, which are not really special at all, are often attracting the least good [...]

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Thank you IoF

At the Institute of Fundraising Convention I was awarded the Lifetime Contribution to Fundraising Award. WOW I was totally overcome – even gobsmacked. At the ripe young age of 26 I found myself as Director of Fundraising of the Order of St John (St John Ambulance and their Ophthalmic Hospital in Jerusalem). I really had [...]

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Where there’s a Will, there’s a lawyer. Or is there?

As more and more charities strive to seek legacies, more charities are energetically trying to find solicitors to help run a free or discounted Will service for their supporters. At the same time, new providers are knocking on charity doors saying “We can come to your home to help make your Will” or “you can [...]

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I am bored to death. Are you dying to make a difference?

Is this a tasteless headline or attention grabbing?  Does it matter if it is tasteless? Let’s get legacy giving noticed How many legacy campaigns are noticed? In focus groups it is truly frightening to discover that most legacy articles, posters, leaflets and even bookmarks go unnoticed. There are too reasons for this message blindness: ·         [...]

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