Legacy Strategy

Don’t Write thank you letters

Yes. I am serious. 99% of thank you letters are boring. A thank you letter does not give the final outcome of the appeal you communicated. A prompt thank you for a donation is meaningless. And often unwanted. A later letter – an impact letter – with full outcomes from the appeal – is far [...]

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2019 the challenge and potential

This is the most exciting time to grow legacy income we have witnessed for generations. with at least 1 in 3 baby boomers wanting to leave a legacy to their favourite causes. But this new generation of legacy donors are so different to past generations. So the top tips for 2019 1 – Do not [...]

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Respect the intelligence of your prospects

What really annoys me at the moment is: special Will making offers. In my view most of them are deeply patronising and assume I am too stupid to have one (as a tail end baby boomer). What Is more, these “special offers”, which are not really special at all, are often attracting the least good [...]

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Thank you IoF

At the Institute of Fundraising Convention I was awarded the Lifetime Contribution to Fundraising Award. WOW I was totally overcome – even gobsmacked. At the ripe young age of 26 I found myself as Director of Fundraising of the Order of St John (St John Ambulance and their Ophthalmic Hospital in Jerusalem). I really had [...]

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How the wisdom of “ageing brains” changes donor behaviour

Never ever before have I had any will power – for decades I have been weak willed. I have always enjoyed my food and drink far too much and in the past had a few other typical addictions too. The same applies to my four older brothers. And my late Mum too. But just before [...]

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