Legacy Services

Exceptionally practical services 

All our services focus on precise activities you can affordably complete regardless of budget or resources. You will know what do, to how to do it, and when to do it. Our services are not theoretical, they are based on 30 years practical experience

Radcliffe Consulting works with non-profit organisations of all causes, shapes and sizes to maximise income from legacies. Whether your organisation is an international NGO or a small community-based charity, we provide truly practical services which  identify your needs and help you define and then meet your legacy goals. Legacy audits, structural reviews, marketing strategies. communication strategies to meet the needs of each prospect – young old/ female male/activist and/or philanthropist -are all tailor made and based on a truly massive amount of research and experience.

One of our specialisms is focus groups

Why Focus Groups (we call them Discovery Days) are awesome

Focus groups are the greatest opportunity to meet your living prospects. Today prospects are not the same as past legators – the world of legacy giving is changing very fast. The philanthropic dreams, and information needs, of prospects are radically different for each charity they support.  And there is no common profile of a legator now – there was in the past.

What is unique about your charity compared to others your prospects support?

How engaged are they?

Do they maintain contact throughout their life? What is their journey with you?

Are they people who make and change their Will?

Which channels do they prefer to use?   

Do they want to meet you and pledge a legacy or maintain their privacy?

And what information do they need to take action and put your charity in their Will?

Every week I meet prospects, Every week I am surprised at what we discover.

Our Discovery Days are NOT typical focus groups and before you ask – yes of course we have to ask the RIGHT questions to get evidence of the BEST answers. But after 30 years we hope we know how to ask the right questions and delve into their answers to get meaningful outcomes.

Sometimes the conversations make me cry and sometimes laugh. But the joy of being with them and listening to them and discovering a new strategy is joyful. Every time. And you gain evidence for your Trustees/Board!

But there are loads of other options is you feel they are not needed because you already have insight into your prospect needs.

We can offer you:

      Strategic Planning & Development

      Successful Legacy Communications

      Legacy Fundraising Training

      More details on Research & Focus Groups

      Public Speaking/presenting to convert everyone into legacy ambassadors

Rest assured, Richard Radcliffe will work with you personally. He divides his time consulting, training and mentoring charities and fundraisers across the world to build their income base with legacies.

He can guide you through legacy research, strategic planning and the development of all your legacy communications materials to deliver a successful legacy fundraising programme.