Legacy Public Speaking

Legacy giving is a sensitive topic; something that is not always easy to talk about. Saying the wrong thing or using the wrong words can offend and lose supporters, pledgers and friends.

Saying the right thing can secure a legacy pledge in minutes. Legacies are life driven and only death activated – if you can help people see this it can become an incredibly positive and empowering message for people who can fulfil their philanthropic dreams by leaving a legacy.

Richard Radcliffe FinstF Cert, delivers high energy, inspirational talks and presentations all over the world to a wide range of audiences that can include:

  • volunteers
  • trustees
  • fundraisers
  • service providers
  • service users

Lighthearted and engaging in his approach, Richard is available to speak and share his experiences of how to build your legacy fundraising and to become the greatest legacy ambassador.

Call us to find out more about Richard’s public speaking availability today or see where Richard’s Speaking At to catch him at a conference near your location.

More details are on the events pages for UK conferences and also overseas conferences