Legacy Research and Focus Groups

The most effective legacy campaigns are built with a clear understanding of what inspires your supporters. Research and Legacy Focus Groups will help you discover how to communicate with your supporters, volunteers, staff and service users about legacy giving.

Why research?

It informs your strategy; without research your strategy is based on guesswork. We can help you in any research you want to provide an evidence-based strategy. Developing a sustainable and cutting edge strategy is an ambitious objective and we try to break new ground in every campaign to provide a unique aspect to each one we are involved in. Each cause and each charity is different and so are the motivations to give legacies.

And focus groups can ensure you stay up to date with changing trends. Legacy fundraising is full of uncertainties; return on investment is variable, speed of return is unknown, which method of communication works is always up for debate. Asking your stakeholders really focused questions enables you to gain an informed view and to unlock your legacy potential.

Facilitating bespoke legacy focus groups, Radcliffe Consulting has helped over 400 charities fine tune their legacy fundraising strategy in this way.

“As a medium-sized charity, working with a difficult fundraising cause (HIV/Hep C), legacy fundraising had been something we had not previously prioritised. Richard not only helped us to clarify and focus our thinking about the potential value of a legacy focus group but also gave us the confidence to believe that we could work towards gaining our share of the legacy market… we are now confident that this can be a significant area of fundraising for us going forward.”

Karen Docwra, Fundraiser – Waverley Care

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