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So, you want to know even more about legacy fundraising?

That’s great, and there’s so much to discover and learn, which is why we are so devoted to understanding more about legacy giving and legacy fundraising.

To share our love of legacy fundraising, and to inspire you to think more about legacies and why people choose to make a gift in their will to support a charity, here is our list of ‘Interesting Reads’.

From the academic to the anecdotal, published and unpublished – you’ll definitely find some words of wisdom to move your legacy thinking forward, or some arguments you would like to challenge.

Keep dropping in for updates, and happy reading.

Beyond Death: Inheriting the Past and Giving to the Future, Transmitting the Legacy of One’s Self.  Elizabeth Hunter, 2008.

[PDF] researchgate.net

Charitable legacies in an environment of change.  Professor Cathy Pharoah and Professor Jenny Harrow, 2009

Charitable legacies in an environment of change (pdf)

New Philanthropy: Building Lasting Change—2016 BNP Paribas Individual Philanthropy Index


Legacy Trends 2017:  Discovering potential through data. Smee and Ford