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Really excited to announce my first book on legacy fundraising

“Why legacies are brilliant for charities and how to get them” published by Smee & Ford It is (I hope) iconoclastic, fun, incredibly practical and of use to every fundraiser anywhere in the world who wants more legacies for their charity

link to my new book: http://bit.ly/2lZX3i4

The contents are as follows:


 Why legacy giving is the biggest income opportunity NOW

Part 1 – The Inspirational focus

Why people leave legacies to charities and how to inspire them into doing it

Do not be a sheep be a shepherd.  Be daring, be different   

Igniting a light bulb moment: the start of an exciting journey for prospects.

Talking and writing about legacies – what to say and how to say it face to face anywhere, anytime to anyone (apart from kids!)

Ensuring the long term happiness of prospects  

Part 2 the Organisational Focus

 Reasons why Trustee Boards (and other stupid leaders) decide not to invest in legacies

The legacy market – how it is changing and how it could proliferate (or even go through the roof).

Getting everyone internally lined up behind the campaign

Evaluating and measuring success: practical ideas which drive boards and trustees to tear their hair out unless they are realistic and understand the truth.

Part 3 – the Fundraising Focus

What is a legacy fundraising strategy? The structure for success

No budget? No worries – you can just do it!

The world of Will making and why Wills trigger action

Which communication channels are best (or thought by prospects to be best, but can be the worst!)

Story telling to spark an interest in giving a legacy

 Prioritising prospects and matching the channels to ensure success

Cultivation and stewardship


The State of Legacy Giving 2015 This reviews Will writing and legacy giving around the world as well as lots of information on changing

demographics, financial decision making and the best call to action. Please email me if you want a copy: Richard@radcliffeconsulting.org

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