2019 the challenge and potential

This is the most exciting time to grow legacy income we have witnessed for generations. with at least 1 in 3 baby boomers wanting to leave a legacy to their favourite causes. But this new generation of legacy donors are so different to past generations. So the top tips for 2019 1 – Do not [...]

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Legacies and the arts and culture sectors and why they are exploding

Why promote legacy giving for supporters of the arts and culture sectors? It’s quite simple really: if you make every one of your stakeholders know you need legacies you will get them. And this blog is going to give you some really easy stuff to do which will cost only a peanut or two. But [...]

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legacy award – well deserved

It was really nice to see the Pallant House Gallery in Chichester receive an award for excellence for its legacy campaign from Legacy10 . This gallery is a fine jewel which challenges the Tate and all other UK “famous” galleries. I was really fortunate to be brought in to advise this gem at the beginning; [...]

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