Respect the intelligence of your prospects

What really annoys me at the moment is: special Will making offers. In my view most of them are deeply patronising and assume I am too stupid to have one (as a tail end baby boomer). What Is more, these “special offers”, which are not really special at all, are often attracting the least good [...]

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Donor experience OMG how charities still get it so wrong

OK so I am angry because I got a letter from a charity today. But then I realise why donors are so angry if they get a letter like the on  I got today – probably encouraged by the concept  of Relationship Fundraising. Let me tell you my story – it is a very simple one Three [...]

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Fundraising regulation

All the frenetic activity on the “fundraising problems” in the sector are driving me mad. They have been around for years. Having listened to 24,000 donors volunteers and charity service users over decades it is clear that fundraising has been heading in the wrong direction for years; possibly since the introduction of Relationship Fundraising. Eight [...]

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