breaking down barriers

Soon off to Poland - the eighth Eastern European country where I have been invited to break down the perceived barriers to legacy giving. Some of this region has the shortest philanthropic history in the world  and it is really exciting to motivate donors and fundraisers to get started.

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communications depts – are they enemies of fundraisers?

recently I have experienced some really frustrating examples of how fundraising departments are suffering from silo disease with their communication departments. I have bloggesd on please go and visit for some fascinating views. 101 fundraising is a truly great crowdblog site.

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legacy innovation

Just in case you are not aware of a new developemnt, I have launched a new website called I am trying to gain amazing examples of truly iconclastic campaigns which challenge the way we all think about legacies. Most campaigns are so similar that I want to weep, so let’s see what is new [...]

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