Keep on your toes, keep your eyes and ears open and your fingers crossed, let alone your legs

The world of legacy giving is all over the place – but going up. I have been saying for some time it is like dancing the Hokey Cokey but it seems to be dancing in a fascinating direction. It seems strange to note that the number of medical research legacies has actually decreased over the last [...]

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crises and Will writing

Following the horrendous floods on the East Coast of America will people rush and write their Will? And will they include a charity which helped them recover (such as the American Red Cross). Natural disasters seem to have this reaction because we suddenly realise we are not immortal. In 4-7  years (typical time lag) it will [...]

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Will writing rules need tightening – have your say before 16 July 2012

Bad will writing has been going on for too long and tighter regulation and monitoring is needed to protect the industry, safeguarding legacy fundraising. The sad truth is that there are a lot of scumbags out there conning people into writing unsuitable wills.  I’ve even heard of some dodgy firms that use out-of-work actors to [...]

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