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What our client say

It’s always helpful to hear what other people think, so here is a selection of quotes and comments from clients and organisations that have worked with Richard:
Richard Radcliffe’s training on gifts in Wills has been instrumental in empowering the team at The Brain Tumour Charity to speak about gifts in Wills with greater confidence. Working with our Board of Trustees, Staff and Volunteers, Richard’s training has helped to break down taboos, address any concerns and provide a comprehensive understanding of what legacies are and why they are so special. The focus groups Richard hosts with our supporters are always delivered with the utmost sensitivity and warmth, and he puts each person at ease in moments. The insights these sessions provide are invaluable and were critical in shaping our legacy strategy. Funny, frank and unforgettable – it’s impossible not to be inspired by Richard’s love of this unique area of fundraising.
- Sarah Lindsell, CEO, The Brain Tumour Charity
BlindAid is 185 years old this year and the charity has not previously had a defined legacy strategy.  For BlindAid it was so important to create a strategy that met the expectations of our service users, trustees and our own team.  I truly appreciated and enjoyed working alongside Richard as we completed the research to create the strategy for BlindAid.  Due to his extensive global career, Richard’s subject knowledge is vast and he shared his knowledge generously for the benefit of our charity.  It was important for us to involve and consult with our service users and the ‘Discovery Days’ Richard both designed and facilitated, offered us an extraordinary and valuable insight.  To complete our project, we offered our team a legacy coaching day and, because Richard is such a highly skilled facilitator, they thoroughly engaged with and enjoyed the experience. Richard has a wonderful sense of humour and his fundamental enthusiasm for his work allows him to make what is a delicate and sensitive subject both approachable and comfortable. I recommend Richard Radcliffe Consulting unreservedly.
- Sue O’Hara. Chief Executive Officer, BlindAid
Richard has helped us to transform our approaches to legacy fundraising. With his help, we’ve been able to move legacies to centre-stage of our fundraising strategy. Now everyone in the organisation, including our board of trustees and our services volunteers, is being exposed to our legacy message and legacy promotion is part of every community fundraisers objectives. Nicci Walmsley, Head of Community Fundraising – British Red Cross
- Nicci Walmsley, Head of Community Fundraising – British Red Cross
Richard has provided expert advice at a number of charities I have worked at. To say he brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the subject of legacy fundraising is an understatement. He is quite simply unrivalled in this area and brings a real evidence base to his intelligent and amusing understanding of the topic. Gary Hawkes, Head of Fundraising – Farleigh Hospice
- Gary Hawkes, Head of Fundraising – Farleigh Hospice
Richard has been an invaluable support in helping me craft a legacy strategy and in training me and my colleagues to gain a better understanding of legacy fundraising. His many years of experience in this field, his enthusiasm for all things fundraising continue to be an inspiration and I would recommend Richard to anyone who is seeking to implement a legacy campaign. Marie Helene is Director of Development at Wigmore Hall
- Marie Helene is Director of Development at Wigmore Hall
Richard has helped to bring clarity, direction and energy to the legacy programme here at World Vision UK.  He brings together both his wealth of experience and his humour to create workable solutions for my organisation and has given me some incredibly valuable advice and coaching along the way. Philippa Fairhall – World Vision UK
- Philippa Fairhall – World Vision UK
We have worked with Richard for 3 years; his knowledge and enthusiasm are second to none. We now have a clearly defined legacy strategy informed by the outcomes of several enlightening focus groups. We, and our donors, found Richard to be engaging, knowledgeable and very entertaining! The focus groups were very relaxed and Richard really took on board what we wanted to get out of them. We also undertook some training with Richard which all of our team found very useful . We would really highly recommend Richard and look forward to working with him in the years to come. Leona Walsh, Major Gift and Legacies Manager at Cork Simon Community
- Leona Walsh, Major Gift and Legacies Manager at Cork Simon Community
“Richard Radcliffe is approachable, supportive and hugely encouraging to work with. For us, working with him is a joy and constant education as he approaches legacy fundraising with immense enthusiasm, passion and an open mind. Richard has deep knowledge of how consumers think about gifts in wills and how this differs by cause and organisation, and has helped Breast Cancer Care to develop an approach that is right for us, our cause, our supporters and our budget. Wearing his knowledge lightly, he successfully communicates his passion for legacies to staff and volunteers alike using a liberal dose of humour, case studies and stories from the thousands of legacy focus groups he’s run. He is excellent value for money and there is never a dull moment!” Catherine McCrohan, Head of Supporter Services & Direct Marketing – Breast Cancer Care
- Catherine McCrohan, Head of Supporter Services & Direct Marketing – Breast Cancer Care
“We were delighted with the work which Richard did for Waverley Care. As a medium-sized charity, working with a difficult fundraising cause (HIV/Hep C), legacy fundraising had been something we had not previously prioritised. Richard not only helped us to clarify and focus our thinking about the potential value of a legacy focus group but also gave us the confidence to believe that we could work towards gaining our share of the legacy market. The two focus groups which Richard ran were relaxed and fun, meaning that participants felt comfortable to talk openly about their own circumstances and preferences in charitable giving. We were pleasantly surprised to learn that there were already legacy pledgers within the group. The follow-up report and meeting has given us an excellent platform to take forward a legacy strategy and we are now confident that this can be a significant area of fundraising for us going forward.”
- Karen Docwra, Fundraiser – Waverley Care
“It’s not often you get to meet a ‘godfather’ in fundraising and yet that is exactly what I think of when I see Richard Radcliffe in action. His leadership in the legacy and will fundraising sector is unique and formidable. He is providing tangible capacity building programs and resources with his training class (he is one of our best acclaimed professors at the Masters in Fundraising degree of the University of Bologna). He has strong qualities as a speaker and as a consultant both in UK and in the world. And, by the way, he is also a very funny man, with his ‘terrible’ English humor!”
- Valerio Melandri, Director of Master in Fundraising – University of Bologna
“Richard has worked with a number of clients in Sweden and has challenged the way we think about legacies. His advice to some of the largest national charities has had a really positive effect and his clear thinking and inspiring leadership has paid benefits.”
- Maud Randel, Managing Director, Randel Marketing AB (Sweden)
“Richard’s unique training style manages to breathe life into probate statistics, puts flesh on the bones of trends in legacy giving and provides up to the minute advice on the best way in which to encourage your charity’s supporters to remember your organisation in their will. Bringing the supposedly boring area of legacies alive, Richard has proved time and again to be both entertaining and enlightening.”
- Nichola Sims, Training Manager – Institute of Legacy Management
“We wanted to take a fresh look at legacy fundraising for independent schools and Richard provided us with just what we needed – clear thinking, new ideas, a logical process and a final strategy, which both we and our alumni were happy with. Richard proved to be excellent value and we are pleased to recommend his services to other schools.”
- Patrick Mulvihill, Development Director, Uppingham School
Arts & Business Scotland are delighted to have Richard on board as one of our lead advisors to deliver our legacies training and guidance to the arts and heritage sectors in Scotland. A natural orator, Richard has a wealth of experience to share on the subject instilling confidence and a can do attitude to all of who attend.
- Carl Watt. Head of Programmes, Arts & Business Scotland
We have been working closely with Richard since end of 2016 and progress in terms of high-quality legacy communication is just great. Among other many things, he has audited all our work since 2012, find out the weaknesses and strengths; he helped us to build a clear legacy sub-brand, a good gifts in Wills newsletter with strong and focused messages and brand which will impact our legacy income. Finally, we have now a good cultivation program and all these efforts resulted in more internal support and a great level of trust and confidence in the legacy team from our hierarchy. It is a real pleasure and an honor to work with Richard, he is “The” legacy specialist and is very helpful, inspiring, bright and joyful.
- Marie-Jo Girod-Blanc. Bequests and donations Manager International Committee of the Red Cross, Switzerland
Richard has given not just our legacy fundraising, but all our fundraising communications a real boost.  His no-nonsense approach and extensive experience, including of the global context we operate in, helped us to pinpoint where we should be going next.  He helped us organise and hosted a series of successful donor feedback sessions, which gave us invaluable insights about our communications, our audiences, and the most appropriate way for us to focus on developing relationships that might lead to legacies.
- Eleanor Abou-Sakr. Director of Programmes and Development, The Global Fund for Forgotten People
With an unparalleled knowledge of rends in the UK gifts in will market and people’s motivations for leaving them, working with Richard is both entertaining and inspiring. Key to this is his ability to bring teams from across the charity together, helping them understand the role that the whole organisation should play in nurturing this vital source of income and in connecting with the incredible people who choose to give in this way.
- Duncan Batty, Director of Income Generation & Marketing. Kirkwood Hospice