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    Did you know???

    After 30 years in the legacy business I hope I know a lot BUT one of the biggest problems we face is sorting the fact from the fiction. That is why I get more and more intrigued by legacy giving every year.

    Did you know:

    On average you die 6.8 years after your last Will? A fact but also fiction. Most Wills are either quite new, or ages old and probably do not reflect current wishes. Also this average is different for different causal areas

    The average legacy in the UK (and many other countries) is about £19,000, A fact but a dangerous one, Each sector, region, and charity does not have the same average. The main exceptions are the education sector, arts sector and some animal charities. Also…

    the average value each type of legacy (a cash sum or a % legacy) varies in every cause, region etc

    0ver 90% of people with a legacy in their Will are never going to tell you about their legacy because it is none of your business and they might change their mind.

    somewhere around only 2% to 65% will fulfil their “pledge” – it all depends on the quality of their trust, confidence and engagement with your charity

    Smaller charities and niche charities are growing their legacy income well above the norm

    That this is one way of giving which absolutely relies on a combination of passion AND logic. Heart and brain need to act in unison

    MOST legacy prospects do not have a clue as to the sources of funds which are received by their favourite charity which means they do not think of leaving you a legacy