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    Legacy Fundraising Training

    Practical inspirational training

    Training your stakeholders

    Legacy fundraising training: We have trained over 10,000 staff, volunteers, service providers, trustees – we will train anyone to talk and write about legacies with ease and confidence. Each segment has very focused objectives. For instance:

    for trustees and leadership teams, it might be managing expectations and evaluating success and developing prudent budgeting techniques

    for service providers the focus might be just how to answer questions from those who use your services

     for fundraisers it is likely to be talking inspirationally about legacies in community presentations and giving the best message for different audiences

    for communication teams the focus can be on embedding legacy communications and how to use each channel preferred by older generations

    for supporter care teams it will be how to integrate legacies into their conversations

    for volunteers the focus is often on how to promote legacy giving

    Training can be a session of any length: 45 minutes to a whole day. We make sure we meet your organisation’s individual needs.

    Throughout we strive to demystify legacies and encourage the joy of legacy giving, delivering courses that are insightful and engaging as we tackle such a sensitive subject in a light-hearted and interactive way but with serious objectives. Richard has trained staff and volunteers representing every cause you can think of:

    Hospices, medical research charities, museums, galleries, international development agencies, universities, private schools. care/welfare charities, religious organisations (all cultures, traditions and religions), heritage bodies, mental health.

    Training packages can include insight days to understand how day to day activities can include legacy promotion to more advanced sessions called discovery days to define the art of the possible in terms of legacy promotion.

    Please contact us if you need any help.

    Courses, seminars, workshops

    We do a lot of training for the Chartered Institute of Fundraising – see below and for niche umbrella bodies covering specific causal areas.

    The Essentials course is based on developing communications. this is great when legacies are only part of your role. We cover every type of communication and debate: the growth of the legacy market, motivations for leaving legacies, content for ALL channels: websites, brochures, newsletters, Facebook, events and loads more.

    The Strategy course (oh surprise surprise!) focuses on developing a strategy and objective setting and segmentation of prospects, cultivation and stewardship including one of the most forgotten and important issues: developing the best call to action

    Dates of CIoF training courses:

    Essentials: 13th September 2024, 6th November 2024, 21st January 2025, 3rd March 2025

    Strategy: 30th September 2024, 25th November 2024, 31st January 2025 25th March 2025

    More dates will follow later this year

    Full details are on the Chartered Institute of Fundraising website:

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      “Richard’s unique training style manages to breathe life into probate statistics, puts flesh on the bones of trends in legacy giving and provides up to the minute advice on the best way in which to encourage your charity’s supporters to remember your organisation in their will. Bringing the supposedly boring area of legacies alive, Richard has proved time and again to be both entertaining and enlightening.”

      Nichola Sims, Training Manager – Institute of Legacy Management