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    Our Vision Mission and Values

    Our vision

    Our vision is simple: “to give every non-profit of every type, in every country, the tools to gain and grow legacy income on a sustained basis”. It will take a long time and I might be dead by the time it happens! But that vision is possible…………. Eventually!

    Our mission.

    We have exceptionally low overheads. But exceptionally high experience. This enables us to provide support which is great value for money

    To educate all leaders on the absolute need to sustain a legacy programme beyond their tenure

    To demystify legacies to all staff and convert them into legacy enthusiasts

    To gain volunteers’ support for legacy giving so they can reach out to their networks and promote legacy giving happily

    To help develop practical strategies and action plans which minimise cost and risk and maximise return on investment… even in some cases with no or minute legacy marketing budgets.

    To develop KPIs which are not based on pledges but reality! Reality is based on activities – taking tactical action which will result in prospects DOING it.

    To prove that all “legacy averages” are truly dangerous.

    To prove and respect that every region, country, religion and culture has different Will making traditions which need to be understood.

    To develop the most amazingly simple calls to action to enable success

    Our values

    To be totally honest/true to all stakeholders

    To be totally open to all stakeholders (honesty is based on giving answers to questions. Openness is giving the answers before they are asked)

    To comply with all relevant regulations and legislation

    To relax and know I have given my utmost both in terms of effort and beliefs

    Never to assume I know everything but to inform so that clients (who know their prospects better than I do until I meet them!) have the freedom of choice to put a gift in their Will.

    To recognise that I am not perfect and never will be!