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    Strategic planning and development

    Strategic planning and development

    Whether you need guidance for developing a legacy fundraising programme from scratch or you simply need a fresh pair of eyes, some new ideas and a change of direction, we are here to help.

    A successful legacy fundraising strategy needs to be built on evidence and inspired by a creative legacy vision. At Radcliffe Consulting, we specialise in developing a legacy vision and marketing strategy that is both inspirational and practical.

    Having created more than 600 legacy strategies for charities and NGOs across the world, our experience is unrivalled. We specialise in helping you to determine the right approach for your cause.

    So, what do you want to achieve?

    What are your objectives?

    If you choose to work with us, we will spend time trying to get to the bottom of what you need. We will ensure you set solid objectives from the start. All too often we see strategies that have failed, which waste considerable sums and time because sloppy objectives have been set at the outset.  When we get going on a strategy we get excited about getting it right for your organisation and seeing the potential realised.

    “Richard Radcliffe is approachable, supportive and hugely encouraging to work with. He has deep knowledge of how consumers think about gifts in wills and how this differs by cause and organisation, and has helped Breast Cancer Care to develop an approach that is right for us, our cause, our supporters, and our budget.”

    Catherine McCrohan, Head of Supporter Services & Direct Marketing – Breast Cancer Care

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